Our work – Healthcare

Every year 2.4 million Indian children die before their fifth birthday of sicknesses that could have been prevented. This can be prevented through knowledge and resources to the families. This is why IndianChildren works with both school healthcare and spreading information about basic hygiene and health.

Health Examinations

Every term our sponsored children undergo a health examination, were we take measures and weight them to see that they are growing and developing as they should. Through this, we can discover easily what child we need to give nutritional supplement to. The examination includes de-worming, delousing and once a year they go through an eye exam.


Child Health Awareness Program (CHAP) is a program where we can, in a simple way, educate the children about hygiene, tooth health, how to prevent malaria, wounds & burns as well as dehydration and diarrhea.


IndianChildren also sponsors surgeries for children with special needs. It can be for example cleft palate or heart surgery.