The Board:

  • Monika Severin. Born 1953. President of the board. Educated nurse and has been involved in the work of IndianChildren for many years. She is now working as a nurse. She has studied “Child and Mother Health Care in Undeveloped Countries” at the university. She has also educated IndianChildren’s local workers in health care.
  • Sara Ekman. Born 1979. Has been a part of the work her mother-in-law, Birgitta Ekman, started in 1998. Sara’s upbringing has been formed by her family’s engagement in helping hundreds of children through the government social work in Sweden. Because of this it is the most natural thing for Sara to help children in need. She was the Director of IndianChildren between 2014-2017.
  • Maj-Kristin Svedlund. Born 1945. Trained physiotherapist. Retired principal and school director of Word of Life Christian Schools. Grew up in India and has a deep commitment for the Indian people.
  • Ville Männistö. Born 1979. Bachelor Degree in International Business, Diploma of Theology. Working as a Country Director, Afghanistan, Helping Hand Scandinavian Charity. Lived in Asia for 5 years.
  • Jonathan Ekman. Born 1977. Master of Business Administration at Heriot-Watt University. Was the CEO and chaiman for Word of Life Church during 2005-2014. Is now working as daily manager for an organization in Norway. Jonathan is the child and grandchild of Indian missionaries and his upbringing has been formed by India.
  • Knut de Presno. Född 1966. Är utbildad sjuksköterska och vårdlärare. Har gått Livets Ords pastorskurs i teologi och ledarskap. Har bott med familjen i Indien i 8 år och arbetat med bland annat ledarträning och utbildning. Har även startat 2 företag i Indien och anordnar fortfarande resor till landet.
  • Anna Lahti. Född 1972. Är utbildad undersköterska. Har med sin familj bott i Indien och har ett hjärta för de utsatta i landet. Arbetar nu som behandlingsassistent på ett hem för socialt utsatta flickor i Uppsala.
  • Ruben Agnarsson. Born 1962. Bachelor of arts in Economics and a long experience in journalism and corporate management, including working as CEO and responsible publisher for the daily newspaper Världen idag, and vice president of Kanal 10 Media AB. Today, he is Chief Editor of the weekly magazine Inblick, and will primarily focus on issues related to marketing and fundraising.

No board fee is beeing payed to any of the board members.

  • Sofie Gerges. Secretary General
  • Anna Nilsson. Field Coordinator.
  • No operative management team active as of today.


Top Manager:
The Secretary General is the top Manager. She works 50% and her salary is SEK 16500/month (SEK 33.000 for 100%). Retirement plan according to ITP1.

Bylaws of IndianChildren (only in Swedish)

Carl-Gustaf Severin

Annual Reports:

Annual Report (2022-2023) (only in Swedish)
Annual Report (2021-2022) (only in Swedish)
Annual Report (2020-2021) (only in Swedish)
Annual Report (2019-2020) (only in Swedish)
Annual Report (2018-2019) (only in Swedish)
Annual Report (2017-2018) (only in Swedish)