By becoming a sponsor you help a child escaping poverty and gives it a hope for the future!

We run a number of street schools for som of the poorest children in India.

The children in our schools get education and dreams for the future.

The school lunch, which often is the childrens only meal, gives energy for studies and play.

We give education, food and healthcare

Every person is valuable, every child is a miracle. But many children in the world are not recognized but forgotten, abandoned or used.

Indian Children manage social and humantarian operation among the poor children of India with the perspective of UN’s Convention on the Rights of the children and christian values. Our goal is to see the children grow up to strong and safe individuals, which bring them out of misery to a worthy and blessed life.

Together we can give India´s children new life conditions and hope for the future. You can help us to give them nutritious food, opportunity to go to school and basic healthcare.

Together we can make a difference!